who planned this anyway?

the l.a.t.e. ride is coming. i'll miss that this year too. always a good time. i wonder if anybody is doin' it. seems i must've been the plan maker as nobody seems to be doing anything together ride-wise this year.

but what i'm really bummed about missing is this.

and it's a national championship race this year, which makes it worse. somebody will have to use their minutes and give me a lap to lap update on what's going on. and everybody better bring their camera and take a buttload of pics.

it was weird seeing pics of me without a bloated face and expanded belly... but what was really cool was seeing my badass bike. i can't wait to bust that out in like september.

dammit blogger won't let me post anymore pics... fuckers.


Tom K said...

Gina is really itching to get back to racing too. And who did you two piss off to get 24/9 a national event when you two can't race?

cjs said...

What is big Ed doing? It looks like he is enjoying the retired life.