boywhore on gatto's left

photo taken by
Arielle Bielak


traded my bike for a shopping cart

well, no, not really. i still have all my bikes and i haven't been shopping since christmas. i've not been posting lately as i've had one thing on my mind and i haven't been ready to post it yet. don't get me wrong, i'm super excited and all, and it's a small sacrifice to make for another human but i still can't help but be bummed that i can't be excited for the season. i'm excited for john, my teammates and friends. i'm excited to build john's bikes up for the upcoming season. but i can't help but be slightly bummed that i won't be participating by actually pedaling. if you haven't guessed we're due august 11th. (i hate the word pregnant) right on plan. i'm sure i'll feel better about all this as soon as morning sickness subsides. i don't know where the term "morning" came from. it should be MNN sickness, for morning noon and night. anyway, once i start feeling better i hope to have some fun stuff to post.
john's having fun doing the tour and i've been having fun reading people's blogs about it and seeing all the pics. i hope to feel better enough to at least volunteer at the stairmaster in march. we'll see.
maybe i'll turn this into a john's riding and racing blog. i'll be living vicariously through him for the next 7 or 8 months anyway.



rode saturday by the golf course. boring but good to get out. i took the rig out. i had some weird vibration that seemed to be coming from the rear of the bike up into the saddle. i'll have to figure that out. from what i could see, there was nothing rubbing but who knows, with my fatass on there... could've been.
john's dually is coming along. just needs to cut the lines, etc.
nothing really new going on, i still need to take down the xmas tree! by this weekend for sure. john did the tour on sunday. he had a good time. he said the amount of people that showed up was unbelievable. next time he'll have to bring the camera.



back to reality

it was nice having a week off. back to work and reality.
john's blur xc came in. it's pretty cool. it's a half pound lighter than my blur was. cool. he should be able to build it up pretty light. all it needs is brakes and shifters. we are still waiting for word on the hardtail. lots of people still catching up on holiday emails, etc. hopefully we'll get word on that soon. me, i have no plans to build a bike this year, but we all know how that goes. i'm down an FS bike. nothing is really floating my boat right now. maybe if i wait.
i need to work on the fit of my road bike. i hate the fact that it comes with the steerer precut. i could have probably used one more spacer. i think i need a longer stem. kinda sucks, i have a 90mm bontrager carbon on there, i hate suckin' it up for a new one... soooo expensive.
huge dilemma, wtf should we have for dinner? i'm leaning towards me not cooking.