traded my bike for a shopping cart

well, no, not really. i still have all my bikes and i haven't been shopping since christmas. i've not been posting lately as i've had one thing on my mind and i haven't been ready to post it yet. don't get me wrong, i'm super excited and all, and it's a small sacrifice to make for another human but i still can't help but be bummed that i can't be excited for the season. i'm excited for john, my teammates and friends. i'm excited to build john's bikes up for the upcoming season. but i can't help but be slightly bummed that i won't be participating by actually pedaling. if you haven't guessed we're due august 11th. (i hate the word pregnant) right on plan. i'm sure i'll feel better about all this as soon as morning sickness subsides. i don't know where the term "morning" came from. it should be MNN sickness, for morning noon and night. anyway, once i start feeling better i hope to have some fun stuff to post.
john's having fun doing the tour and i've been having fun reading people's blogs about it and seeing all the pics. i hope to feel better enough to at least volunteer at the stairmaster in march. we'll see.
maybe i'll turn this into a john's riding and racing blog. i'll be living vicariously through him for the next 7 or 8 months anyway.


Jimmie said...

Now we can get back to the truely important emails: talking about what we should eat for lunch. It's about time.

Tim Smith said...

Congratulations Gattos. We just brought our little addition home from the hospital on Monday. Both Lynn and Aidan Francis are doing great! I, on the other hand, am a wreck.

Mike Kelsall said...

Hey - you forgot to mention dedicated water girl and picture taker. Just kidding. Congrat's, I'd trade a year worth of racing for a daughter like yours anyday.

spicyride said...