Okay... deep breaths.

My inbox has flames shooting everywhere. I'm a bit frazzled at the moment.
I haven't felt like this in awhile. I know what needs to be done... take one email at a time and ignore the others, but I almost feel like it's necessary to spazz out for a couple days before I take control. Why is this? Spazzing is not fun or necessary. Why can't I skip this step?


it's Monday... again

<----- this was my Friday night.
After that, all was good. Saturday I took Reese and Casey to see Coraline. I loved it, they loved it. Good times. Reese ended up spending the night. I pretty much internetted all Saturday evening. Sunday some friends were over. Ate way too much take out but whatever. It's Monday. Fangirl day. This day hopefully hurries.


it's Friday


I need a drink.


it's thursday


I've got nothing. However I hope this amuses you as much as it does me. If it's not at the beginning wait for it.


it's Wednesday

And Lost is on. LOST! Nothing else matters. Not even my kids beating up on each other. Or Zoe having a temper tantrum. And OMG... the commercials are over.


it's Tuesday

Casey's birthday was good. I think she had a nice day. Master Chief was there blowing balloons for her. John had the neighbor across the street call and pretend he was MC. John decorated with balloons and streamers, so I think she was quite surprised when she came in. Smiles all around that's for sure.
John bought me some new headphones for Valentine's Day (kinda, we could care less about VD, but it's an excuse to get neat stuff). Anyway, the sound is amazing. I haven't heard my music sound this good in so long. The only negative is I can totally tell a shitter quality mp3 now. My mind has been blown listening to music I listen to all the time and picking out sounds I've never heard before. Music rocks more than it ever did.
I'm so thankful it isn't frowned upon to wear headphones here at SRAM. Not sure how I'd get through the day.
On a related note, I bought John headphones for VD too. XBox 360 surround sound with mic (nerd). He found it ironic that we both bought each other noise cancelling headphones.
I may ride the trainer tonight. I'm giving it serious thought. Serious thoughts come easy while sitting at my desk at work.


it's Monday.

I took the day off Friday to take care of some things. Important things like haircuts, bike rides and internetting without guilt. My bike ride was 15 miles but felt like 30. I'm really out of shape. But whatever.
Last night I went to check my SRAM email for the first time since Thursday and I couldn't log on. I was hoping to do some damage control before Monday morning. Delete all the fluff ya know. I was finally able to get into my email through my mac. Today no go. Apparently there was a server failure and it's rebuilding now. So I'm internetting without guilt at the moment. The tps reports will have to wait.

It's Casey's birthday today. She's 7. SEVEN!!! OMG!


yeah. icons make me laugh.

I did something completely out of the ordinary today. I chose to embrace today as a gift and not complain about how it was only one day of beautiful. It was a great tease and I was happy to have it. There is something pretty sweet about short sleeves outside in February.
My awesome mom agreed to watch the kids for a bit. So John and I headed out to the bike path and rode through the trees. The moon was full, the air was perfect and there was barely any ice. I felt so out of shape, but didn't even care. I didn't even care that the saddle was a painful wedge.



I thought maybe I've been bummed lately because I've been missing my Wisco peeps.
If that's the case I shall shed no more tears as we'll be up to our eyeballs in cheese this weekend. Bubba, Meghan, possibly Rick, Jeremey and Destiny will be coming down to hopefully cure what ails me. The thought alone must be helping, I wasn't too lazy to link their blogs.

dude, OMG

Guess what?

I hate winter.



At least I don't feel like yesterday. And I'm going to feel even better in a few minutes. I'm going down to the vending machine.



I'm having a total shitter day.
I don't know why so I have no idea how to make it better.
I feel out of sorts. I'm usually easily amused and today I'm not.


so far...

Tired. Shower. Donut. Traffic. Sunshine delay. Traffic. Huge inbox. Coffee.