it's Monday.

I took the day off Friday to take care of some things. Important things like haircuts, bike rides and internetting without guilt. My bike ride was 15 miles but felt like 30. I'm really out of shape. But whatever.
Last night I went to check my SRAM email for the first time since Thursday and I couldn't log on. I was hoping to do some damage control before Monday morning. Delete all the fluff ya know. I was finally able to get into my email through my mac. Today no go. Apparently there was a server failure and it's rebuilding now. So I'm internetting without guilt at the moment. The tps reports will have to wait.

It's Casey's birthday today. She's 7. SEVEN!!! OMG!


velogrrl said...

7 already?? wow!
Happy Birthday Casey!

Julie said...

happy bday Casey!