it's Tuesday

Casey's birthday was good. I think she had a nice day. Master Chief was there blowing balloons for her. John had the neighbor across the street call and pretend he was MC. John decorated with balloons and streamers, so I think she was quite surprised when she came in. Smiles all around that's for sure.
John bought me some new headphones for Valentine's Day (kinda, we could care less about VD, but it's an excuse to get neat stuff). Anyway, the sound is amazing. I haven't heard my music sound this good in so long. The only negative is I can totally tell a shitter quality mp3 now. My mind has been blown listening to music I listen to all the time and picking out sounds I've never heard before. Music rocks more than it ever did.
I'm so thankful it isn't frowned upon to wear headphones here at SRAM. Not sure how I'd get through the day.
On a related note, I bought John headphones for VD too. XBox 360 surround sound with mic (nerd). He found it ironic that we both bought each other noise cancelling headphones.
I may ride the trainer tonight. I'm giving it serious thought. Serious thoughts come easy while sitting at my desk at work.


claire said...

I once went to a high-end audio place - it was a spiritual experience. If I'd had the cash, I would have paid the $8K/ft of speaker cable right there.

spicyride said...

OMG, I can't even imagine. Hearing how even my newest headphones aren't even touching what an audiophile would consider nice... Gah!

Tom K said...

please tell me you aren't talking about awesome headphones while listening to MP3's.

spicyride said...

Shakespeare is listening to the mp3s.
And yeah, I have too, which was one of my points. Almost painful to listen to. I'm no audiophile, the best I have is cd through my Pioneer Elite, but damn it sounds awesome. My dad used to be into music a lot. He had these fucking enormous speakers when I was growing up that were amazing. He had a kick as receiver with a bunch of extra gadgets hooked up. I can remember as a kid how amazing it was. These headphones reminded me of that.