back to reality

it was nice having a week off. back to work and reality.
john's blur xc came in. it's pretty cool. it's a half pound lighter than my blur was. cool. he should be able to build it up pretty light. all it needs is brakes and shifters. we are still waiting for word on the hardtail. lots of people still catching up on holiday emails, etc. hopefully we'll get word on that soon. me, i have no plans to build a bike this year, but we all know how that goes. i'm down an FS bike. nothing is really floating my boat right now. maybe if i wait.
i need to work on the fit of my road bike. i hate the fact that it comes with the steerer precut. i could have probably used one more spacer. i think i need a longer stem. kinda sucks, i have a 90mm bontrager carbon on there, i hate suckin' it up for a new one... soooo expensive.
huge dilemma, wtf should we have for dinner? i'm leaning towards me not cooking.