i've only ridden once since last post with the girls in mke which was fun. other than that, i've got nothing going on but work, kids and stuff.
i have no desire for a new bike, i didn't think that could ever happen, i may have to check myself into a hospital or something. the walt, eriksen, cross check, steamroller and moots have satisfied my bike needs for now. yeah, there are some parts out there that i want... namely a dt swiss bolt on ss hub. but other than that, nothing really. well okay, the ferrous still has a spot in my heart, but i don't see me getting one anytime soon if ever.
my thoughts have been mostly on tattoos. finding inspiration for filler.
thoughts of unclutter, dumpsters and christmas lists. family and friends.


T mon T said...

if ya find yerself looking to a erikson 29er SS and need to dump the walt . . . . . you know where to find us . . . . . . . . . . . . :)


D A N O said...

Go ahead, take some time off the blog, go shopping, get a tat, be content with your stable, goof off a bit.


amelia said...

i know how you feel. i don't want to think about bikes or serious biking for another month or so. my thoughts are also occupied with ink these days. and mermaids. what are you having done in february?

spicyride said...

the thought for riding is still there. but no obsession to upgrade or buy anything new. which is rare for me. ink thoughts are my left arm filled with blossoms, branches, koi families, water, what to fill with and how to expand. orange, red, blue, purple, pink. something old school traditional somewhere. my thoughts could fill my body right now.

MTB Girl said...

I haven't ridden my bike since the girl's ride either. Haven't even done ANY form of exercise, except walk in a Christmas parade. Strangely, and sadly, I don't care.