a week later

no rides to post of. no exercise to speak of. i'm getting sloth-like and must do something to get out of this feeling lazy funk.
i walked in my door friday night after saying good bye to julie, ryder and saige and didn't leave til this morning for work. we all just hung out. we sang and danced with the girls. we played guitar hero and lost planet. i surfed the web for everything and nothing. saturday night we were looking forward to watching the blackhawks play. casey was even in her jersey, but having directv the winter storm effed with the signal. oh well. it worked out fine, i finally saw little miss sunshine and laughed throughout. good movie. unfortunately john missed it while trying to sleep off a migraine that started on friday night. sunday i watched the bears lose. i'm glad i don't care about football, i would've been pissed off.
this week i hope to get some form of exercise to feel alive again and get some christmas shopping done. i hate last minute shopping.


Christine said...

You forgot the other six deadly sins. Im currently working on greed:)

Chris said...

Where's Olive?

spicyride said...

my favorite part is where he writes the note to his sis "go hug mom". cracked me up.

amelia said...

i don't know if i could pick a favorite part of that movie. i do know though that whenever i hear superfreak, i bust out laughing and thinking of the end scene.