my day started out okay and then ended crappy.
rushed to buy some webkinz or something for mia's party.
picked up something from reese too as my sister's back is out.
got lost on the way to the theater. finally found the theater, dropped the kids off.
my sis and i went to lunch and then went to the gym to clean egg off of all the windows.
apparently one of the girls boyfriends thought it would be funny to egg their gym. "what's the big deal, it's not like they had to clean it, the janitors will". what is it with kids these days? fucking losers. the egg was caked on pretty good. they also left cartons and unthrown eggs on the ground in front of the entrance. probably 2-3 dozen eggs. two of steph's cheerleaders came out to help us. we were only able to get the reachable windows done. we also needed something stronger to break through the egg funk.
zoe ate dirt and created the smelliest diaper known to man while we were there.
came home and waited and waited and eventually ordered a pizza. casey bath, bed and wake up early and get to st xavier probably late.
at least we gain an hour of sleep tonight. i sure need it.


mountaingoat said...

Darn good thing I read this tonight, I totally forgot about the time change.

vegan said...

I wish I would have read this last night. Although, Tom & I definitely got to the Estabrook cross race with enough time.

D A N O said...

weird stuff......