food fest

we arrived at st. xavier a bit early. better than late i suppose. casey's team ended up in 2nd place. they were a little sloppy probably from only having one practice this past week. they have fun regardless what place they come in.
the competition was ahead of schedule which kinda sucked because there was so much downtime. they couldn't speed it up as there were set times for awards and team arrivals. i ate so much while i was there. i had a few pieces of candy, finished up casey's yogurt, a cheeseburger and a yogurt waffle cone. not to mention the mountain dew and a few stolen nachos.
all my sister's teams did very well. One of them bringing home grand champion.
got home, made a pizza, watched some football. john made a fire.
he was asleep by like 7. i put the girls to bed and went to sleep about 9:30 out of sheer boredom.
i'm finding today its hard to get motivated.


D A N O said...

I do the same thing.... go to bed so early cuz Im bored out of my mind... thinkin that I'll get up early and maybe find something to do before work.

That Guy said...

Well, you are boring these days...

The Baron said...

Food = Comfort at this time of year. I chow down until January 1st and then I get all serious about fitness again.