poor john is still sick. he's hoping to recover for the first stage of the tour da goat.
i'm actually waiting for dano to come pick me up so we can grab some lunch.
i didn't think i'd get a ride in last night but it did come together and i was able to ride for an hour. it was cold out. i was surprised at how cold it was. i had to wear a headband, kneekers, winter jersey... brrr. i was a tiny bit sweaty but not overheated. it's pretty chilly right now too.
i'm hoping to bust out of work here to get stuck in holiday traffic but ride at palos. we'll see. i brought all my stuff in case it all works out. i'd be happy just riding the triangle of trails out there.
this weekend is looking to be good. i'm trying not to get too excited as sometimes life has a way of getting in the way. tomorrow john will be in wisco... i'll probably pull weeds and stuff with the girls. hang outside. then hit my aunt's memorial day picnic. sunday i'll hit kettle and afterwards meet john up at bos' for another memorial day picnic. and then monday hopefully hit bubba's trails.
this is almost too good to be true.


Christine said...

Yes, this weeknd is packed with rides and parties. I hope I make it to Monday.

I rode with full winter gear last night and looked like a fool, booties and all, but I was warm at least. I had to put on the beanie on the way home to warm my frozen ears. It must of dropped into the 40's at some point and I am tired of breathing in cold air, plain tired of it.

joeyTWOwheels said...

Fingers crossed that you get in all your rides.

- jd