john and i hit swallow cliff for a bit saturday afternoon. we went climbing. there are some pretty gnarly climbs across lagrange that are long and steep. the main one you think has a run in but it doesn't. looking at it it almost dips down but still going up if that makes sense and then an outward hump, levels out a bit and then gets really hard. the one spot almost makes you feel like you may loop out. the last part of the climb has you gasping, well me at least.
one climb, not as long or steep, but it's really loose and rutty. the bontrager dry x tires ruled the day. i really have been digging these tires. i need a few more rides in them, if all goes well, they may be labeled as my all time faves.
the other climb starts out a bit steep and awkward and then continues on gradually, levels out and then climbs a bit more. good stuff. i hate climbing so i need to work on it so my rides are even more enjoyable. i feel like i'll be riding pretty fast and then a climb comes, no matter how steep, unsteep, long or short and i feel like i pretty much stop.
after riding the climbs in a loop for an hour or so we headed out to ride some singletrack. for the most part it was rideable, but there were definitely small sections that needed to be walked. i was a little rusty, but felt like i was getting my timing back on the logs, and that felt good.