i'm starting to lose sight of my desk. model year change over is happening. it's always a mess. stop production, start production, too much time in between, part numbers not enterable, confused customers, stack of papers and post it notes all over my desk. stressful to say the least. i'm behind and this time its not from slacking.
i also am thinking about the drive home and hope its not epic. i don't need that right now.
new frame in the basement waiting to be built. it'll be awhile. no fork, no wheels, no derailleur, no bottom bracket, no chainrings, no rotors, no seatpost. meh. patience is tough.
i could really use a piece of candy right now.


Chris said...

Hmmm ... don't know if I'd trade you or not. I've got everything I need -- down to the chainstay protector (in two sizes just in case), EXCEPT the frame. At least I know mine is on its way!

spicyride said...

specialized makes the best chainstay protectors. i need to order more, i lost the one i had on my eriksen... so i'm using an old homegrown one.