i road

last night on the paved trails. boring. but at least i got to ride. the trails coming off of the paved path were wet. the grass on the sides was saturated. palos is closed (pic is palos).
it's been raining like this for the most part since fall/winter with no end in site. it scares me to think that this weather pattern could go on for another couple of months. i hope not. but i'm starting to prepare in a sense by telling myself that pets isn't too far away, kettle is a weekend day away, mke river trails for some techie single, maybe peoria hasn't been hit like us? choices, just not any after work choices. perhaps it'll be the first year i actually use all my vacation instead of losing a week or so in march.
lake geneva this weekend. we leave saturday afternoon to hopefully pre-ride and then stay at jerry's house for some grilled chicken burritos and kickin' it in his hot tub. geneva is close, but it will be nice to only be a 1/2 hour away on race day.
i should start organizing now.


Noel said...

Peoria trails are in great shape.

Tom K said...

i've pretty much lost all hope

Girl Goes Biking and Vegan! said...

I'm excited for this weekend, can't wait to race with you again!

JDA said...

good lord.

I sure wish people would stop riding the mud.

and I just heard that june is supposed to be cold and wet.