i tried to ride last night. john and i were taking the kids to an area where there is a small fun loop with climbing, descending and nice scenery. i'd ride first, he second and we'd hike with the kids while not riding. about 25 minutes into my turn the thunder and lightning rolled in. the sky was strange, it almost seemed as it would roll right by us, but no such luck. back home with some pop's for dinner. turns out we were in bed by 10pm lulled to sleep by the constant sound of rain drops on our window. i wish i could say i was fully rested, but zoe was in restless form last night and tossed and turned and hogged my pillow.
it's still pretty grey outside. kind of depressing. i hope lake geneva hasn't been hit with as much rain as we've been getting. i'm hoping for good conditions on sunday as i really need it.


mountaingoat said...

Geneva should be fine right now. We didn't get much rain at all.

MTB Girl said...

I think I hate that course already.

Girl Goes Biking and Vegan! said...

lol, I think I might hate it too if it's rainy and muddy for the sport race. It's such a fun course when it's dry!