kindergarden celebration

casey had her kindergarten celebration today. they sang songs, received their certificate to first grade, we watched a slideshow and then hit the classroom for some fudge stripes and oreo cookies with fruit punch. mmmm... sugar.

lost season finale tonight so from 8-10pm i'll be this annoying obsessed person watching tv. it's inevitable that the girls will fight, cry, need water, diaper changed, hafta show me something, ask a million questions, etc. but for those 2 hours they'll have to deal with dad.
after that pack the race bags so there will be less to do friday and saturday morning. i should wash my bike too. it's a wreck from palos.
speaking of palos i finally made it out that way last night. i'd say it was at about 80%. i met sara out there and we had a great time. the last time we rode together was 2005! insane. anyway, it was great to ride with her again. i miss(ed) her. hopefully i convinced her to make her way out to wausau this weekend.