Oh yeah

I forgot I had a blog.
Same old stuff really...
Wish I rode more.
Haven't raced in well over a month.
(So Franklin should go really well for me.)
My kids are awesome.
I smashed my foot and broke my shoe- it hurts to walk but doesn't riding.
Zoe still has hives.
My bike is still cool.
Wishing I had another (bike). Just for the fun of the build.
What else.... hmmmm....
Nothing I guess.

We need to plan a ride down here people. And speaking of just riding, who wants to go to Brown County?


D A N O said...

Dude! Its been too long.
Just sayin hi!
Im racin Franklin!!

spicyride said...

For real!
I'll see you at Franklin!

mtbVegan said...

I'm in a for ride down by you! Lets try and get people together! See you at Franklin. =)

Cereal Monster said...

Yes. We should do a fall Brown County Sram ride. That place is great. I got 4 days in this year.

Sara said...

No Brown County, how about Yavapai County???