no fun updates lately. i'm tired of posting about being sick. i haven't been sick in so long and then this year, bam. i feel like i haven't been well since october, before sheboygan. it's funny how time lines always revolve around biking.
i have some last minute xmas shopping to do. does it ever end? just small shit i kept procrastinating. hopefully it'll go quick. yeah right.
chris got me some cool skull cycling socks, craig got me an i love robots pin, jp got me this cool vase from twn. pretty sweet. adam brought in some homemade chocolate chip cookies and steve's taking us to lunch as he hates shopping but likes to eat. i'll be leaving after lunch today so that'll be nice.
tomorrow starts the madness of trying to see everyone. there's a part of me that enjoys seeing everyone, i just wish they were all at the same house.
my dad was telling me this funny story about checking baggage at midway... there was a cooler going to the mayo clinic in mn. the carrier marked it as "human organ". the cooler sets off the alarm as it as seen as a large mass. so there's another box behind it that set off the alarm. everyone was chattin' it up and my dad opened up the second box... an arm falls out! everyone freaked out! it was of course fake. but for those few seconds everyone rushed to grab it. my dad couldn't stop laughing.


mountaingoat said...

Hope You, John, and Casey have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

This is why I like living far enough away from everyone. There's no chance you'll be able to see them all, so just go for a bike ride.
Oh, did I mention it's gonna be 70s-80s in Ventura? I'll send pics...