we always joke about how lucky my dad is. tonight i got a call that he was at 55th and central looked up and saw a plane over him. it hit the car behind him. he said when he got out of the car he could barely stand his knees were shaking so bad. he thought a pole was falling and then realized it was a plane. they were clearing the people out of the area. he stayed to help, he's a tsa agent at midway so he had a badge and they needed all the help they could get. he carried people from the plane to the shelter. how crazy. he's still pretty shaken up.
as sorry as i am about the people behind him, i can't even think about it, i'm glad he was lucky.
no posts lately. just trying to get well again and getting xmas stuff done. when you have kids shopping becomes a priority. it's like responsibility or something.
snow. 8". ride? sweet.


BoyWhore said...

that is fucking crazy. wow. oh, and you all better be gettin ready for the tour da chicago.