antibiotics ruled the day

some sort of cylin. i can't believe how much better i feel. it made me realize how down n out i actually was. il state cx champs tomorrow. i wonder if it'll be nasty? then hopefully ride out at the mesa later.
went xmas shopping with my mom and sis today. didn't get much done. i hate the mall. i'm sticking to the internet.
my gram had a stroke the week of thanksgiving. she's 90. fit as a fiddle and then the stroke. i barely recognized her up at the hospital. she had a lost look about her. so frail and vulnerable. i've been visiting her frequently. last night she looked amazing. she had her spit back. she looked "there". she still can't verbalize, but the looks we get, oh man... she's back.
i'm hoping now that i feel better i'll have more to post.
OH YEAH! Bos is a proud papa to a new baby girl. Hayden Jeree Bos, 7lbs and 20 inches long. dion is doing great. i teared up when he called. i'm so happy for them!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rach It's Jill...Hope those drugs are helping you out a little more. Just thaught I would leave ya a message since I am studying my brains out at my second home, the library. Can't wait to see you guys over my x-mas break. Take care and tell Johnny and Casey I said hi!
Your grams is in my thaughts and prayers.
Take Care:)