bed head

I seem to have a case of it lately. It goes well with lounge pants and slippers while lying on the couch with a laptop. Why does the internet hafta have so much to look at? I mean people have books up in pdf. I can read a book!
Right now I'm trying to educate myself on computers. Get back in touch. I feel so like my mom lately. I mean I'm not typing my email username in my address bar wondering where to put my password, but still.
I also want to take a photoshop class or something. I want to make rad headers and other stuff.
Hopefully I'll get the rest of the holiday decorations in bins today as well as get the kid's tv/playroom started. Monday will come quick.


Julie said...

with two two-day workweeks in a row, I too am spending so much time on the couch, almost need to buy another pair of lounge pants. or do laundry. but the motto for this week is, "i'll do nothing, it's much easier."

velogrrl said...

I have wanted to take Photoshop too. I signed up for it at a local college a few years back and went to the first class, but realized there was no way I'd be able to be inside all day Sunday for 13 weeks into the spring... it would have meant no bike racing that spring... just couldn't do it. still would like to learn it, though.

for me, curly hair = perpetual bedhead

Mountaingoat said...

I have 6 pairs of loungepants and they need to be washed on a weekly basis.