Entenmans Anonymous

I clearly have a problem. There hasn't been a day that has gone by in the last two months where I haven't had an Entenmans' donut. Sad really. I even think about them at times. Should I have another? Nah, you already had two. But that was at breakfast. Hmmm. *grabs another donut.
Today I've admitted that I have a problem and will address it. I haven't had one all day. But it is only 1pm. I have to take it one minute at a time. I know I'll fall off the wagon once... or twice or more (nobody's perfect), but hopefully it's not within the same day. I'd like my underwear to be comfortable again. I'm okay with "fat jeans", but I refuse to buy "fat underwear".
So to help with the underwear ordeal I rode the trainer. Again. Twice in one week.
The iPod touch rules for the trainer. You can listen to music while tweeting and surf the web, you can also watch a movie or a tv show.
I was also reminded of some things while riding... I'm out of shape (duh), at about the 30 minute mark my hoo hoo gets numb, at about the 50 minute mark my legs are like wtf- STOP! and at about 1hr and 10, my body: FAILS. And also, carbon soled road shoes with cleats do not go well with painted basement floors.


Julie said...

way to get on the trainer! maybe the solution is not trying to quit the donuts but trying to make yourself earn them?

spicyride said...

Like I'm really going to give them up.
Underwear be damned!
But seriously, when I get back into shape, I'll eat them after I've earned them.

Julie said...

this is kinda shameful, but this time of year I ask Ben to say to me any time I'm into the sweets (or if I have more than 2 drinks) "how many miles are you going to have to run to work that off?" totally works.

Anonymous said...

hoo-hoo's and donuts. This is a good blog!