Motivation is creeping up on me slowly (I hope that's what it is). I actually rode the trainer last night for a whole hour (and contrary to my belief, I didn't die. Brittany did think the world was going to end, it didn't, but I wasn't so sure it wouldn't).
I had every intention of doing something today, like ride or not sit on the couch. But getting in later than usual, dinner, House, House, House, the internet and kids' bedtime I just wasn't up for it. I need to get back on the morning workout schedule, and if I make time for something after work, total bonus.
I had plans for a longer post but facebook, livejournal, twitter, flickr, message boards and whatever else are completely distracting me.
*reminder- no caffeine after lunch. this staying up til midnight on weeknights bullshit is wearing.


claire said...

you know... you are starting to motivate me too. all this hugh lurie talk, I don't know, he's sort of starting to grow on me. considering he plays a physician on TV, hell just DID freeze over, so we're safe if you decide to bring about the trainerpocalypse.

velogrrl said...


I like that!