Where to begin?

So much riding has not happened this weekend.
It was pretty uneventful but I did venture past my front stoop.
Saturday afternoon Casey and I headed to The Disney Store for a birthday gift she had to get for a party later that day. Headed to the party. Chaos ensued. Jumpy things, pizza, a Little Mermaid cake, cupcakes and pop. I love cake.
Pretty much as soon as Casey and I walked in the door at home, the whole family was back in the car to pick up John's sis. She's in from California. We ended up staying at his P's for some pizza. I'm beginning to think that the only things I eat are pizza and donuts. For real. Amelia will probably confirm this.
Today I lazed around for a good part of the morning. Read the paper, downloaded a bunch of crap, actually showered. Casey spent the night at John's P's; so John, Zoe and I headed out to run some errands. It was weird, we were out n about but really didn't get done what we set out to do. We did have a battery failure in the Best Buy parking lot. That was fun waiting for a neighboring car to finally come out of the store. After waiting for about 15 minutes we decided to push it out and then ask a passerby to give us a jump. Some nice Jeep couple helped us out.
Came home bathed some kids and watched Hugh Laurie win best actor at the SAG awards. And then chatted about it with my House friends.
And now I'm typing this lame blog.


amelia said...

i do remember their being some talk of red vines...but other than that i confirm.

D A N O said...

Your life sounds so normal lately.
Whats up with that?

Sara said...

It's time to pack your bags...