well I might be wrong but you tag along and we've all been wronged and I get dizzier by the mile

i was super crabby last night. i hated the way i felt. i just wanted to go to bed and forget about the world. i feel better this morning but still not in the best of moods. i feel sad. i don't want to smile. is it the weather? am i just a bitch? i'm feeling unconfident today. one friend yesterday tells me a guy he knows reminded him of me. he went on to say how he didn't like him and tried to make his problems everyone else's problems. he also called him a loser and dork. wtf. i think i'm just feeling sorry for myself. i hate my schedule. i hate my house is a mess, i hate my bikes aren't finished. i hate money. don't be a hater. i guess i just needed a hug yesterday. hopefully today will bring a better mood. peace out.