passing through unconscious state

what a hormone induced weekend. fuck. i can't believe how out of sorts i was emotionally. i feel like a totally different person today. the weather still sucks. i can't get into this cold-it-may-snow- crap any longer. i'm longing for sun, temps in the 40s and 50s which will then make me crave 60s and 70s... then it'll be so fucking hot i'll want it to snow. truth be told though i would rather be sweating my ass off. a sweaty ass induced by hot summer weather i'm down with. i was thinking about all the events i'd like to hit next year... fuck, it's a lot. i always have high hopes for the season, but this is different. i feel my motivation is high. this year i've gone back to changing my eating habits and working out earlier and often. i'm hoping casey will work out at a lot of events. that's my one fear. i for sure don't want to diss her. i want her there. i'm hoping she will have a good time. my goal will have to be to finish way before the experts start. ha. we'll see. i hope i don't disappoint myself. anyway, i'm still looking for a new steel frame. i want one designed around 100mm. light blue is a definite fo' sure. gunnar, desalvo, spot, curtlo... i've already got a sycip so i want some variety. i'm leaning towards spot. michael is suppose to be getting back to me tomorrow am. we'll see. i need, well okay, i want to do some qbp shopping... should i build my own wheels or have them do it? i'm just thinking of time and patience... neither of which i have right now. i already need to build up the kings. we'll see the price diff on the wheels... blah blah blah. uniforms end of march. what else? sea otter was creeping slowly, now it's about ready to fucking hit us over the head... outta nowhere it seems. where's my pics? i suck at hooking up the digital. tomorrow perhaps?