back to reality

made it back home early this afternoon. 3 days with 85 and sunny tends to get you a bit depressed that it'll be a bit before we'll be anywhere offroad. especially with this teaser weather. we enjoyed the sun anyway. nothing too exciting new for 08. new road stuff, couple additions to hydraulic brakes, nothing really new on the fork front and truvativ has a few crank updates. other than that it was a pretty stuffy meeting in salon 8 of the wyndham phoenix.
it was really nice to meet some of the distributors i haven't met yet after 7 years of working with most of them.
we had an incident with the bike case so the look didn't make the trip. john instead spent the week running and hiking around the boring blocks of the meeting area.
it would have been nice to have brought some bikes and hit south mountain, but there really was no time. we'll have to take a few days out of this coming year to hit somewhere other than the midwest.

my new frame is in the works. i hear the fork is done and the frame might be done. we'll see. i'm not gonna get too excited seeing as paint is what takes the longest. i have everything i need to build it so as soon as it hits the basement stand it'll be finished in a flash. single speed builds are the best. however, i did forget that there is a nice rattle sound in my stan's rim. m-effer. i'm guessing whatever it is floating around in there, i'm not going to find. no warranty either as stan didn't build it.
i'm also deciding on headset color. hmmm...

the sycip will be totally rebuilt as soon as the cash flow is there. i can't wait. it'll be totally different than anything i've built. the rig too. i have plans for that.

i've also pretty much decided on my ti frame. that'll happen as soon as the money is there. i'll talk to the builder soon though to find out exactly what it entails- cost, wait, etc. that'll determine when i go for it.