last night i didn't get home til around 7pm. John said his stomach was jonesing for some giordano's stuffed pizza so we headed out. that was about it. i didn't even fondle my new parts that came in friday and there were some good ones.
i didn't get a full night of sleep again. zoe woke up at about 5:15am and was ready to play. oh well. maybe tonight.
i'm getting antsy for the weather to turn. march and april is when you just start to get disgusted with how lame mother nature can be.
today i'm getting my hair chopped and touched up a bit. i hate that it takes hours. but when its done its worth it. i need a change.
too much sugar in my coffee this morning. i was getting caught up with the news this morning and came across a pet food recall. check it out if you have pets and may not have seen it. luckily it doesn't affect carbon.