two mtb rides this weekend. wow, i am so out of shape. i thought i was in a bit better shape than i am. oh well. i'm not going to dwell on it. there's nothing i can do about it except keep riding.
i impaled my right ass cheek on a small stump today. the same fall also put a nice scratch and bruise on the other cheek. sitting requires a lot of thought. my right side hurts so bad i can feel it in my thigh and lower back... i wonder if i hit some kind of nerve or something. all i know is it hurts. sitting, driving, pedaling and walking is uncomfortable. i was stopped on a hill waiting for brad to put his chain back on... as i got back on the rider in front of me didn't get on so i had to stop, i started to go back a bit and didn't get out of my clip in time. rookie. i hope it feels better tomorrow. sorry, no pics of my white and purple ass.
i can't seem to get the spot to fit right. i've been fine with it, but real offroad has made it feel like crap. i've got a week to figure it out.
i broke my little orange digitial camera. not even a year old. the screen is shattered in the back. it still takes photos but you can't see what the heck yer taking a photo of. i always buy the plans for items like this. i don't know why i didn't with this one. must have been pregnancy brain... anyway, i got a replacement yesterday. it's not as thin, but it's still small and light. i think i like the features better so far. i think i just like canons best.
i finally went to the grocery store today... not having any food to eat when we got back from the ride was the final straw. i didn't realize how much we use milk. i hate grocery shopping. especially on a weekend afternoon. it is pretty nice to have food in the house again.


MTB Girl said...

Aren't mountain bike "owies" the best? I love my mountain bike. . . .Athena. . . .