the setting sun makes a great training partner

home well after 6 today. john was picking up the kids. he isn't feeling well, but he was well enough to stay with the kids while i rode my bike. i started dinner as i got my bike stuff ready. pump the tires, fix the front brake and find all my shit. luckily, lately, i've been keeping it all together. but that didn't stop me from taking my glasses off and putting them somewhere or forgetting to grab my shoes after i had been in the basement 5 times already.
do i have time to hit the loop? the sun is getting low. i asked, john looked at me like i was dumb. go for it, the sun isn't even down yet.
the spot and i left shortly after to hit the loop. on the way i blasted by my mom, aunt, cousin and little cooper. on your left, on your left and then nobody for quite some time. passed a couple riders and crossed a few tri guys n gals. the sun was setting. i pedaled as hard as i could to make it back before dark. not because i was scared but because i wanted to ride fast and push myself.
i don't really consider myself a person who trains. all i want is to be able to go on rides with my friends and not pass out after two hours. i want to be able to function after the ride. i race to ride trails i wouldn't ordinarily ride and hang out with fellow bike geeks. i'd be lying if i said i don't care about the race. i do, it's easy to push yourself to be a better faster rider.