John, me and the mesa

So I did make it out to the mesa yesterday. Much later than I thought though.
John ended up riding with me. I felt sort of off. I wrote it off to not having been on a mountain bike in awhile, that time and just tiredness in general. I also need brake pads dearly.

There's a new bridge out there on the middle finger. I wussed. John even offered to spot me and I still wussed. I don't know what my deal was, but that sucker is mine when I'm out there next... I think.

Anyway, it was a short ride. I didn't ask my mom to watch the kids so we were pushing it time wise. Good thing too as the skies looked pretty angry as we rode home.

Today I went to work for what I hoped to be a half day. Turned out being a full day. I was hoping for a light week since every body is in Vegas, however it's been turning out to be the busiest week in recent memory.


Tom K said...

i need to get out there now that my mountain bike has working brakes again.