Weird chores. I'm so unorganized right now.
Casey took a header on a skateboard yesterday. Her nose and upper lip are all scraped up.
We saw UP. Very cute. I laughed, I cried.
I went for about a 45 minute ride last night as it seemed to be the only time to squeeze it in (it rained most of the day). I felt slow and wasn't even having fun.
It's mid-June and I haven't been to Palos ONCE. I've been to the mesa for real twice. Both times it was slick n muddy.
Zoe is a riot. At the moment she's on the toilet singing a song about her dad.
Casey is still in bed.
The forecast is 75 and sunny today. I need to get ready for a wedding shower in a few.
Ugh. Then when I get home I really really need to go for a ride longer than 45 minutes.
Just to stay sane really.
It's so weird to be mid-June and the only bike rides with people I've been on really were my two early Kettle trips. It totally sucks. To not have been to Palos yet this year is hard to accept. I'm crossing my fingers that the rain and cold are over.