I &hearts 9-Mile

I love riding at 9-Mile. The rocky singletrack is the bomb. So is the twisty rooty stuff. So I was a little bummed that I woke up feeling not so hot. Every time I stood up I felt naceous. Not to mention that it was cold and very wet outside.
I knew I'd regret not racing so I suited up and headed to warm up.
I was rocking the Medusas. First time ever.
Don said Gooo and I didn't feel too horrible. And then I did. I felt like I was going backwards. I didn't worry too much about it considering I didn't feel good and I was happy to be out there. Still though it was a race and you can't help but want to do your best.
I passed a few peeps right before the first singletrack and then passed a few in the singletrack. Headed out on the multi-track I felt unusually slow. I was thinking how the hell could these tires be that slow? First high speed turn I realized I was riding a flat. DUH. Of course I didn't have my CO2. Last year that was on my bike every time I rode. This year, I keep forgetting. I won't next race. Anyway I had to nurse myself through the open sections and the singletrack. The tire just kept getting lower and lower. I couldn't even sit down. Meh. I pretty much figured I'd pull out at the end of the first lap.
I was sort of bummed as I love riding there. And then someone gave me a CO2. Sweet. So I filled it up and went out for lap 2.
The tire kept losing air the whole ride, but it held up for the most part. Much better than the 1st lap anyway.

I think I was 8th age and 19th or something overall.
I did have a good time regardless, however when I think back on results there is a part of me that can't help but be a little bummed. I have to quickly remind myself I had a lot of fun.
Switching gears, I can't walk right now. I don't know if it was from standing the 1st lap or what. Like I strained my muscle? The cold temps I'm sure didn't help it. My left leg keeps giving out on me when I bend it to step forward.
There were some other mishaps going on for me this weekend which just add up and make it just not my day. But they are things that, well, aren't appropriate for the public to read. Believe me, you'll thank me for not sharing.
No Mt. Morris for us. John's cousin Jack is getting married on the Saturday of our one and only Saturday race. So next up is Eau Claire. Hopefully I'll get some riding in between...

*pic taken from mg


Janet said...

Awesome time riding with you again :-) Come on over to MN and rip it up in the MNSCS!

You are not alone in terms of still feeling the effects of the race...MY GLUTES HURT!

Maybe see you at the Firecracker?

Ben said...

sorry it didn't go so well, hopefully one of these days we will be repaid with some nice weather down here