For real?

First off the Rhinelander event was top notch. Toilets everywhere, camping on-site, concessions, everything well marked, etc. However, I hated the course. I appreciate that there are courses that I'm not going to like because they don't "cater" to my strong points, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
Pre-ride on Saturday started with me following Jay and John. John ditched us and Jay and I rode to the split. I was absolutely bummed about how long the lead out was. I suck in the opens. SUCK. The fact I hadn't ridden in 2 weeks made it suck more.
I didn't even like really like the singletrack. I was so anaerobic and it was so bumpy I just could care less. I seriously felt like it was 10% singletrack and 90% open. I know this probably wasn't the case, but I can't remember one part of the course I enjoyed or looked forward to. Okay, maybe the bridges and the plywood, that was cool.
Sunday morning I suited up in my METAL kit and went on the longest pre-ride I think I've ever done. I then went and chit chatted with anyone I could find.
After Don said Goooo I was sitting in 4th position which really surprised the crap out of me. I didn't think I could hold it til the singletrack but I was sure going to try. And then somebody hit the nice hole or dip or whatever on the dirt road climb and lost all momentum causing a few of us to get "caught up". I don't think anybody went down, but having to stop going balls out during the lead out is not a good thing. Everyone went by us like they were shot out of a gun. Getting started again with my heart in my throat was brutal and then actually moving again with my heart in my mouth was even more brutal.
I honestly don't remember much except for Ann telling me to go ahead in the singletrack. Thanks ANN! But she was rocking it as well. She wanted to pull me in the open, but I seriously was drooling on my top tube and there was no way.
I don't remember anything else on that lap except all the open. I was annoyed, but tried not to be. I decided to just go for a bike ride and make the most of it. I saw Ann once in awhile and a couple of us girls were going back n forth.
Heading out on my second lap I was almost like fuck it. I wasn't going to quit or anything, but just drop down a couple of gears so I could breath and maybe sing to myself. I had a Pink song in my head (shut up) and really wanted to hear it.
And then Megan cruised on up behind me. WTF, I thought she was way ahead? Anyway, Megan pushed me back into race mode and I wanted to ride with her. She stuck with me pretty much the whole way back. I ended up seeing Ann on one of the long roads just as we were going to enter the boardwalk singletrack. I caught her but knew I'd have nothing left to stay with her in the open. Catching her almost was a victory in itself. I even smiled.
The weekend wasn't awful though. Saturday when we got there we hung out at the beach with the girls. They rode their bikes a little bit and ended up playing with Jeff while John and I rode.
After pre-riding we took them to the hotel, grabbed some food and went swimming at the hotel. It was a pretty big pool and we had it and the hot tub all to ourselves! So that was awesome! Probably the highlight of the weekend. There's nothing like seeing your kids smile for so long there cheeks probably ache, not to mention the infectious giggles.
Sunday being race day I'm not going to win mom of the year, but after racing and meeting up with Barb it was fun being water girls and cheering everyone on while the girls decorated the small cabin or whatever was being built out there. Even if it had a bit of a blair witch vibe.
Big thanks to everyone who helps out with the girls. I can't thank all of them enough. These weekends wouldn't be near as fun if it weren't for them.
Next weekend Wausau!!! I'm never consistent at 9-mile but I always have a blast no matter what.

p.s. Hopefully I'll be able to steal photos from someone (at this point later today).


amelia said...

amen to hating the open sections. i absolutely suck there as well.

madisongrrl said...

I concur about the open sections, but unfortunately it was the only thing that I did well. That single track killed my back.

rusty wrycza said...

one of the rocky courses for sure
joins my list of no thx; like phillips

spicyride said...

I honestly don't remember any rocks. I remember the rock gardens at Phillips tho'. I liked Phillips more than Rhinelander for sure.