rode the rig. i knew it was overgeared for my weak ass self, but i didn't care. had fun anyway. had to stop twice to puke... ended up taking off my wool shirt and was fine. i was way overheated. i learn this lesson usually once a year. i haven't had many opportunities to learn this season. took off the jersey and it was MUCH better. didn't ride much due to the having to puke... but dhiraj and i caught up a bit- we hadn't talked in awhile. he wasn't feeling too well either, we took turns holding each others hair. we laughed about him still having the picture of me knocked out cold after we thought i broke my neck out at the mesa. i'll have to scan that pic.
speaking of pictures... i don't have one from the ride today because i left my camera on the front seat of the car! another point for dumbass. hopefully someone from the ride will post 'em at work on monday.
i went through all the sale papers and nothing is calling my name to deal with black friday. john had heard somewhere that some place was going to have the lcd tv we've had our eye on, but can't find it. i think he was dreaming.
anyway, i'm babbling at this point. turkey day was good. ride, family, more family, good food and pie. i love pie with cool whip. i'm sitting her super pissed at myself for not bringing a piece home with me. dammit.


Sarah Lukas said...

atleast you got a ride in. Thats way more than I can say. and you got pie! im jealous. Damn working on the holidays.

James said...

Sounds like fun. I got a bit of a ride in, comedy of errors mostly, but found some dope-ass trails 2 miles away.
Makes me happy...