moms rule

the damn ryan is under construction. my usual 40-60 minute commute has turned into on average 1 hr and 40 minutes. yes, that's right i'm in a coffin for over 3 hours a day. its starting to take its toll. i feel like i'm going to have a breakdown. i don't think if you don't commute you can comprehend how horrible this is. my mom rules because on tuesday she was at my house watching the girls. her house was all smelly from having her hardwood floors done. i came home tuesday night at 5:30 (i left early at 4) to hot rice, chicken breast, green beans and biscuits hot off the stove/oven. we ate dinner on a weeknight before 7:30pm. i can't put into words how nice this was.
i also blame the suckiness of my blog as of late due to my commute. work is busy (i actually started a lull yesterday) so no time there... and getting home after 6:30, having to make dinner, make sure homework is done, dinner and other house chores like laundry have to be done... blogging just hasn't been a priority. i have tons of stuff to bitch about, but none are appropriate for a public blog.
i planned on going for a ride after work today. i left work at 4:30 and was home after 6. still dark, but i could ride and still be home. it wasn't raining in the city, but as i got closer to home, it was pouring. dang.
i'll get out there! but still i need to set up the gulp trainer just so i can get some form of exercize!
this weekend is the last weekend before the holiday shopping rush. thanksgiving is proving to be its usual pain in the ass self trying to share ourselves with both families. i'm not sure if i would have it any other way though.
zoe is finally starting to be more than just a lump. casey is going on 5 body wise, but attitude, man, she's heading for teenager.
sun prairie is this weekend. kind of a long haul for a cross race with two kids.


James said...

My commute is ~10 minutes, so I have no excuse.
But remember, used to be 2:45+ *each way*
At least you have a decent little car to sit in while you're commuting. Call if you get bored in traffic...

mountaingoat said...

I won't complain about my drive anymore.