wanting to scream

i go back to work on monday. i then leave for vegas that wed til fri. i need to get sitters handled, etc. hopefully john's up for both of them. i have mixed feelings about going... i want to check it out, but at the same time it seems too early to leave zoe.
the rig is almost done. the brakelines need to be cut, hopefully that will happen sometime soon. the front brake rubs a little. i may have to have a tech weenie at work check it out. its kinda weird.
the only riding i've done is take casey to the school and do laps around it. this will for sure not have me ready for sheboygan. there doesn't seem to be time for anything and i haven't even started back to work yet. how do other people do it? my guess is they have a better support system.
i'm trying not to be too bummed about it as these ladies are worth it: