since when

i took the spot and s.a.s.s. out on sunday. nothing big. just rode to my mom's house, once to drop casey off and then again to pick up some buns for some sausage on the grill. it was fun to be back on the bike even if only for a short time. i was planning on hitting the mesa on monday but it fucking rained. it'll be like this forever now that i feel like i'd like to ride.
i lost most of my "baby fat" right away, within a week i went from 166 to 138. my normal weight is about 131. so only a few pounds to go, but the jiggliness... ick! i need to start the crunches asap! it'll come in time, i actually am not that upset about it. after i had casey i think i had like 3 chins for the few months after.
zoe is feeling a lot better. we have a happy pooping baby again.
my maternity leave end is fast approaching. i have mixed feelings. i love work, mainly for the people i work with... but its harder i think to leave two. this time feels harder. i think about how i'm gone from 7 am til almost 7pm it seems. i need to fix that. i don't think i can do that anymore.
i am kind of kept in the loop at work. there's some drama with trek/bontrager am stuff. totally fucking ridiculous. i wish i could speak my mind on this here, but i don't know who reads it and i don't want to get myself or anyone else in trouble. the lack of communication (or maybe we can say lack of competence) with some people really pisses me off.
no plans for the week or weekend at this point. hopefully it dries up. no race this weekend- i don't think anyway. maybe i can plan a ride for here.


Tom K said...

We rode out and back on Sunday afternoon. It was nice to be back out on the bike. It was Gina's first venture off-road since Chris was born.

spicyride said...

i can't wait to get out... i need to go find a pair of spandex first. not sure if mine fit yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey R,
Craig here at SBS.... looking forward to your return. I'm glad to see all is well!