built to spill

their cover of cortez the killer live was shuffled as i finished this spicy little suckah (our basement is less than ideal for photos).

next up ziggy 2. i'm missing a super vital piece however- a headset. dang. i thought for sure i had a cane creek here. em-eff-er. the woody makes me smile. i guess i still need to score some linear pulls, a bossed lower, cassette... i'm not a big fan of aluminum bikes anymore, but i've always been really curious about the carbon rear end. plus i couldn't pass up the killer deal. thanks again arleigh for the hook up.

i don't know what it is... but i seem to be having an affair with ti lately... more still on the way.

i was taking the ti brake posts off the sid and was excited that they were ti. i want a ti bike bad, but i need to figure out which wheel size i prefer. 26? 29? the experiment will come summer (fingers crossed).

my do hickey came in. but that's a post for another day. hoping sooner than later.


mountaingoat said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one with no life working on bikes on a Friday night.

spicyride said...

dude, what are you talking about? working on bikes is the life. that's what i tell myself anyway.

Tony said...

We could switch out the stock one from my X Caliber. I need to put the King on anyway.

spicyride said...

that would work.