more twin six

okay i totally don't work for them... but i would have to say twin six is my favorite company in the world right now. it's like i feel totally cool wearing their tees in my basement or out to dinner. mark the 8th on your calendar and go buy some stuff.
team jersey stuff was finalized over the weekend. drawings are into our jersey maker. should have our kits mid-march.
i was just thinking i've got cool shit coming. our kits, bkb kit and some twin six stuff (now i just have to ride more). a maybe on a steel frame to be named later, a custom steel singlespeed 29er with sliding dropouts and dt 240 29er disc wheels. i'll probably be selling a frame/bike or two when this all happens. but i'll try to play the lottery in the meantime so i don't have to.
in other news, john broke his rollers. poor guy. no more playing video games riding no handed on the rollers. gears of war will simply not be as challenging.


Tom K said...

i should get the onsie fo Chris. Hope I don't forget.

MTB Girl said...

I think I'm addicted to rollers. . .I might have to enter therapy.

joeyTWOwheels said...

Thanks for the Twin Six reminder. I just got me some tall woolies and love em.

That CX shirt is bad ass, too.