fall color fest

anyone doing the fall color fest this saturday?
not sure what we are doing.
there's fall color fest saturday, peoria mtb race on sunday or wors.
wors sounds lame and far. peoria is always awesome and a nice change.


velogrrl said...

I wish there weren't so many great events on the same weekend. For a while I have been trying to figure out how to make it to the FCF (love that event!), the UCI Cross races in Madison (to watch), and the WORS race on Sunday. Or else which to pick. I guess it will be two out of the four. I didn't even know about the Peoria race.

Your kids would have fun at the fall color fest.

mzzm said...

WEMS 12 Hour up in Merill is where we are heading. The 12 Hour loop is supposed to take 1:15 to 1:30 to complete each lap. Also, there is the Dino 24 Hour!

The MTB racing season isn't over yet! Next weekend is also the WEMS 12 Hour at Kettle.

Christine said...

The Kettles are fast and very flowy. Would be a great place to race this weekend! Good Luck in what ever you decide!

Anonymous said...

hey whadddya know ?? not lame, shawano was actually pretty good to making a serious run at kick-ass. kind of a eau claire-meets-rhinelander with a hint of WI rapids mixed in from the past. who knew ?? hint, whatever the wors-board sez - opposite. :)


PS culvert = non-issue.

spicyride said...

i'm glad it turned out not so lame. i think i wanted it to be lame so i didn't feel the need to drive that far. i think i'm a little burnt out from spending our weekends in a car. my kids hate it, therefore the drive is not pleasant.