so what's up mutha fukkas

red 990 on orange sycip. badass. my bike is so badass. in fact all my bikes are badass. i challenge anyone to show me a bike more badasser than mine. i am so full of shit. anyway, today turned out to be a nice day weather wise. but the damage has been done, the trails i'm sure are muddy like soft pooh. tonight- what's the plan? the plan is like every other night... nothing. i could dig on some marios. hmmm... tomorrow, nothing i wanna do, but everything i should do. CLEAN suckah. the yard is a wreck. the weeds are taking over. some much needed yard work is in order. and oh yeah, hitch install tomorrow at 8 am. saweet. i say we drop it off and grab some breakfast. i'll run that by the catt later. i haven't done breakfast in awhile. i'm not much on breakfast but occassionally it's the shiznit.