woo foo

dang. it's been awhile eh... almost so much shit going on it's too much to write... well and i'm lazy. sea otter was awesome to say the least. best time ever. some sun and fun. spot arrived. slowly building it up. waiting for a few items to come in. got a new vehicle. ride tonight, hopefully off road. what bike? the sycip is down- parts coming in this week to complete her. blur is down- raymo trashed the wheel. black bike is it i guess. raced that at ft custer this weekend. went pretty damn good aside from the post slipping over an inch... i think i was afraid to tighten it down. looks like this weekend is shaping up nicely. got to get the chores done to play though. mom's day too sunday. need to get my mom something... but what?


That Guy said...

Hey, c'mon, since you never seem to want to email me anymore, this is how I keep up to date on you!
Sniff, yeah yeah, I'm a whiner, so what.
Day off tomorrow, I'll call, or maybe be online, but got the Reign finished, some tight tires, and time to break her in tomorrow...