I ♥ mountain bikes

Saturday I opted for a road ride on my mountain bike. By road I mean some paved path and some road. I have a beautiful road bike yet I can't for some reason bring myself to ride it. Even when I'm planning a road ride.
As I got onto the path I knew it was a bad idea. Saturday afternoon on the path on probably what I would consider one of the nicest days of the year... yeah, stupid people. So I headed towards Swallow Cliffs to ride the roads around there.
While riding my mountain bike on the road I was giving this much thought.
My road bike gets most of its miles at the end of winter/beginning of spring. It just makes sense and as, it would seem, I haven't had a taste of being on my mountain bike in awhile. It seems once I get that taste, I can't go back.
As I went to do my road loop I've been doing lately I saw the usual entrance for where I enter the Swallow Cliff's multi-track. It was dry. Say what? Yeah, I know.
So of course I have to check this out! If I were on my road bike I could not do this.
I still can't believe it was dry. There were a couple of puddles, but that's it. You could tell a lot of water had come through by the large ruts. Ruts I had to bunny hop. There were also downed trees and branches and leaves everywhere.
Being out there was so exciting. It was so unexpected.
There is just something special about being off road for me. I don't think I could ever explain it as well as it deserves.
Riding today at the mesa my favorite things were the smell of honeysuckle, the suicidal chipmunks, fawns (is there anything in this world as cute as a baby deer?), families of deer, new trail that was even better than you imagined and some of it even a surprise. I love how I can ride a section over and over perfectly, but then fuck it up another day (fuck you entrance). I just love mountain bikes. I love the way they feel. I love the way they look. I love the way they ride. I just feel so at one on them.

I'm going to bed before I look at the radar.

And PRO XCT this weekend. My goal is to not die.


Sabinna Den said...

Very nice post. I'm not into MTB myself...my road bike gets me into the right places as the (very narrow) roads are sealed right into valleys and forest areas (Taiwan)--same feelings though.

Sara said...

jesus girlfriend, you just brought a tear to my eye. and just think of all the poor people that don't know that feeling :)