More rain...

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table typing this post out while listening to thunder.
I had hopes of hitting the Mesa tonight for my very own Summer Solstice Ride.
When I left this morning while getting coffee I took one look at the sky and pretty much lost almost all hope that my plan would come together.

It didn't rain in the city so I thought, well, maybe the front came and left quickly.
When I got home John went out for his ride. I figured I'd go when he got back, which I thought would be 7:30.
After apparently some bad calculations on my part about 7:50 I went to put my light on my bike. Even if he walked in the door that minute I would need a light to finish my ride. I still had hopes of riding dirt at this point and I'd definitely need a light for that.
Ryan came over about 20 after 7. He wanted to go so he got ready.
We left for our ride just before 8. One look around the pavement at the park and I knew right away we weren't going off road. I still had hope though. Down to raccoon alley and it was a mess. People left large ruts and there were puddles everywhere. I'm sure that there were sections up there rideable, but my educated guess was most of it was still pretty soft. I wasn't in the mood to slip and slide around in the dark. So, as much as it pained me, we headed up to do the paved path.
We rode out to Lake Katherine and took the long way home. Most of it without lights, which of course made it a bit more exhilarating. Ryan was like 8 years old experiencing the paths in the semi-dark. I love how you can feel each of your senses come to life.
We did about 20 miles or so. I was actually kind of tired. As we made our way back to the start of the loop there was a pretty wicked electrical storm to be seen. I'll remember that along with the humidity and bugs. There were zillions of lightning bugs and the mosquitoes were vicious; my bites still itch. Something big hit my shoulder which creeped me out and Ryan got a winged something stuck in the back of his throat.
No chance to be off road tomorrow. I've pretty much accepted that. Probably not Wednesday either. I'm crossing my fingers for Thursday. Friday we leave for Mt. Morris.