More B.S.

I can't decide if I'm over the rain yet or not. One moment I think it is what it is, no use getting all fired up about it, and then, I just get super irritated.
I've barely ridden since Wausau. I got on my bike Wednesday to only turn around after 20 minutes. I felt like shit, my bike fit felt all wrong and then on top of that the Blackhawks would be starting game 3 soon. In hindsight I should've just rode.

Casey had a soccer game on Thursday so I wasn't able to get out then either. Well, I suppose I could go night riding. Must remember to charge the lights. I do have a hard time night riding by myself though. I get pretty creeped out going through some sections.

I don't even remember Friday night... oh yeah, Blackhawks loss. Again, I should've rode.
Saturday I was at a baby shower. It was for my best friend growing up. I missed Casey's end of year soccer party which was kind of a bummer. She got a trophy; she was pretty stoked. Later that afternoon I headed out on a road ride. I didn't have a plan really. I ended up by swallow cliffs. The whole time I kept envisioning someone hitting me from behind. There are absolutely no shoulders out there with cars whizzing by at 60mph. I hate that.

After I was home of course the sky let loose. So trail riding is pushed back even more. *sigh
Today I'll probably ride a bit later. John just got home from his ride.
Phineas and Ferb are on and the laundry is screaming.