bmx last night. bmx racing tonight. it was fun.
still directv issues. the tech guy who was here friday left without us having any service at all. john called and we now have service but all the problems we have had are still there. more wasting of time.
we now have supposedly a case file number. whatever. we'll see what happens. they'll be here monday.
i kinda started getting excited about bike parts today. some of them bmx parts, but mostly mtb.
i scored a mountain hardwear sub zero jacket the other day. i'm kinda stoked on that! wish i had it this past week.
ride tomorrow.


julie said...

which BMX track do y'all go to- the one in WI? Ben's been itching... i think we'll take the SASS up and have him ride it in the cruiser category.

spicyride said...

we've been in IN. it's in hobart. steelwheels bmx. you guys can ride home with me on a friday, hit bmx practice and then we'll drop you guys off at the train station if you wanted. its right by our house essentially.
john has an old bmx, a schwinn superstock 2, if he wanted to ride it.

velogrrl said...

Which color jacket did you get?

spicyride said...

dark adobe of course.

velogrrl said...


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