sprouting legs

to add to the directv mess we also can't find our remote.
when i say we've looked everywhere, i mean everywhere- toilets, garbage, under couches, inside cushions, toy boxes, inside toys, laundry, under cabinets, in cabinets, the fridge, my gramma's house (she babysat yesterday), bags, dog stuff, dog food, dishwasher. we even looked in all these places twice, some three times. we looked outside too. where did it go? my mom used to always say, "well it didn't sprout legs and walk away!" after looking for the remote i do in fact believe that things can sprout legs.
so i had to order one from directv for $15 and it'll take 3 days to get here. lame.


Tom K said...

is it an RCA remote?

Chris said...

Did you check your bag? Kay always put remotes in Kari's purse.

velogrrl said...

my mom's credit card wallet was missing for over a week before she found it. she knew she hadn't left her house with it, that it was somewhere. one time I took my cordless home phone to a race with me in a timbuktu bag!?? I wish that everything in my house (especially keys) had an intercom/beeper button on it to help me find it, just like the cordless phone has. I bet it will turn up in some really strange place.

spicyride said...

no, tom, its actualy a real directv remote.
chris, yes i checked my bag- i even checked my bags that are upstairs hidden in the closets.
amy, i too wish it had a "pager". maybe its with my debit card. i lost that too. i'm having a very insane couple of days. for real. i don't even feel like me.

Tom K said...

hope it comes fast. i have several directv remotes from when we had it, but they are for older RCA boxes.

The Baron said...

My x-wife was notorious for doing really stupid shit with remotes. "Honeeeeey...??? I've looked everywhere for the remote...do you know where it is???"

"Oh yes, Baron, it's in the glove box of the car."

"Oh yes, Baron, it's in the top drawer of my lingerie chest."

"Oh yes, Baron, it's in the Christmas bin stored in the attic."

Seriously, she would do stupid shit like this ALL THE TIME!!!

bubba said...

No shit Baron....same here...

Honey..Where is that bag of dog food you picked up yesterday?

It's under the sink in the bathroom.

Honey...Are we out of toilet paper?
Nope...There's some in the kitchen right next to the cereal.

Honey...Where are the Yellow

In the freezer.....Doesn't everybody put them there?

spicyride said...

well at least your wives know where they put it. when we ask zoe she just keeps saying what and looks under the couch.

sugs said...

bubba...yellow pages? Do they still print those? And why would you care where it is?

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