turned on

a friend sent me this link today. his local trails. i'm mega-jealous. looks to be my favorite kinda riding. i can't wait til the trails are rideable again. i wish i could obsess about something else at this time of year. i've tried, everything fails.


amelia said...

speaking of obsessions, don't you have a tattoo appointment coming up pretty quick?

and i really want to go mountain biking in warm weather. right now.

Tom K said...

i wanna go ride there.

spicyride said...

i had my meeting with harlan today.
my appt is actually feb 6th.

mountaingoat said...

The annual freeze your ass off ride is this Saturday. The trails should be pretty nice.

joeyTWOwheels said...


Guided tours available. Austin is ideal for the winter training.

benlikesbikes said...

god, it hurts to watch that, Joe, you better be careful, i might just make the 22 hour drive and you'll wake up to get your paper and trip on me sleeping on your door step

bubba said...

That looks like a blast. Blue Mounds would probably be the closest thing I can think of in these parts.

Is that Joeytwowheels...my favorite Bears fan?? What's up man??....How about them Packers??

I know...I know ...The Pack has only lost 3 of their last 21 games and 2 of them have been to the Bears. I'll give you that, but admit the green n' gold is lookin' pretty good right now.

D A N O said...

One more month till the tour of cali!
I am going to ride like the wind that week.
And its gonna be warm. And sunny too!
So yeah, I'm done with all the snow activitys. Just thinkin' bout riding and riding only.